the big data in e-business (part 2)

Hi guys, in back with second part. So in this second time, we will talk about the technical solutions in software as a service mode.

  • Data quality
  • Database
  • Data management
  • And multichannel marketing
  1. Data quality

The quality of the date referee to the durability of the data, your company will be able to reach your targets which can be quantitative or qualitative. A strategy of quality will increase the costumer relation chip with your company but also in another view the way your communique to your customers via your marketing strategy.

By this way more your data are close to the reality the most you will be able to lead marketing campaign nears to the expectations of the costumers. This proximity will increase their satisfaction concerning your company and increase your corporate identity.

The quality is one of the biggest difficulties for a big number of companies. This problem is can be led by the way the company complete their data base (hand writing, copy paste), the extraction of the data but also some capacities who are missing in your company, you can fund them in extern with some companies specialized in data analysis. To correct some of this problem, some actions can be put in place by you like the identification of your contacts or an auto correction by the costumer or qualification of the information to evaluate the precision of it.

  1. Data base

To facility the process of including the big data in your company a data base is essential to kept all the data in a structured way. A database is where your information is organised and acceded, this data can be modified and updated. One of the most important parts of this files are the numbers and the emails of the costumers, who must be always up to date. One of the most known data base platform is Salesforce but you can also have some others as CRM.

A database has some advantages:

  • Simplification of the data management

The most of the you will subscribe to a service provider which will provide to the users features of control, access for the reading or the update of the data. This database stores the data in electronic files who can be access by the users anywhere via their electronic devices. With an effective database, you save time and you can store all your information.

  • A better structure of the information

The electronic files are a way to conserve your data but also to analyse it. In a data base, you can fusion data from different sources and make relations (relational diagrams, person_id, product_id and others). By this way you have a personification of your data and the opportunity for the persons in charge of the marketing to send personified messages to a big number of persons.

  1. Data management

The data management will be one of the most crucial parts of the process. It consists in the recuperation, manage and utilisation of the costumer’s data. The data management gather different tools to be sure that the data are identified and at your disposition at any time and without a risk. The data management will lead you to:

  • The implementation of a data repository
  • The centralisation of the most important updates like the client’s contacts
  1. Multichannel Marketing

The multichannel marketing is a most to have in our days for any companies, it is a combination of the different ways of communications of the company. The combinations of the different channel let your company reach a biggest number of prospects and to be closest to the existent costumers.

To optimise the actions of the multichannel you need to:

  • Study the profile of your costumers
  • Identify the best costumers
  • Maintain an update database

To communicate with your best costumers, you can use different channels (phone calls, emails, text or visits) online and off lines ways

But in another way, the costumer relationship is indissociably of the success of any company, yours include and it is based on the multichannel marketing. The principle of a multichannel relationship of is the base of a lasting relationship with the company. They will feel closer to your company and maybe identified with you.

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