The big data allied with marketing in your E- business

The big date in the marketing in your E-business, to that I will do too posts soo you have to read my next post. First I will in this post I will come to you with a view axed on working point of view based in my readings and what I have learn in my internships and the other part is based on my studies.

The big data design amounts of data which become so big that it become hard to manage with commons tools of data management. We can use some tools has SQL or R which can be used.

The big data is major trend for the companies in our days. It let to the publishers to be able to better target their goals and who their which are the most susceptible of buy their products. With the big data, they can adapt their offer, but also to have a better understanding of their customers and to interacted with them. It helps to optimise the relation between the consumer and the sellers, from a company point of view.

It can also be used to understand what strategy to use in the social network is the most adequate to your activity. The companies will be able to have a depth analysis of their network like with which media make more costumers see you, between the multitude of social media in their disposition (Facebook, twitter, Instagram or any other). But also, it can lead to a new strategy or a strategy who is adapted to your target. You can use it to satisfy the costumers expectation and increase their fidelity.

Today I’m writing this post to show how in 6 steps you can succeed how to exploit your big data.

This will be our 6 steps:

–       Think about your strategy

–       Data sourcing

–       Data quality

–       Database

–       Data management

–       Multi canal marketing

First to think about your strategy:

  • You need to define your data strategy

That will start by choosing your data strategy, is very important for you to choose the targets you must reach but also the resources you are going to allow to reach them and the time you want to pass on it. Noting come without efforts, as the activities of the companies like Herbalife or others who use people to become their ambassadors and to make their sales. The amount of their sales is the picture of the time they put in their communication and promoting their products.

  • Sharing a target view

You need to formalize your target view to put in place: data, tools, sourcing, process and organisation. This target view must become a setup one for the person putting it in place the actions must be the most automatic possible and don’t be all the time questioning yourself about it.

  • Set a roadmap and schedule for it.

The roadmap will be a simplified graphical representation which you can use to communicate and share efficacy your strategical intentions. Has a way to mobilise all the efforts of the different parts who will act together to reach one or different targets. These targets have for objective to place your company and on their market and to lead the new developments in their RandD but also in their products, which new should you sell or how you can communicate on it. One of the most crucial parts is to make a hierarchisation of the actions to take from the more important to the less important, with a detailed explanation for all the persons who will have to collaborate to understand everything and can work steadily, and you can use it also to identify if you need expertise’s (internal or externally). This roadmap has for principal objective to make you save time and money.

You can also couple the roadmap with a schedule of the actions you are going to put in place one of the best planning tools I have use till now is Sphinx.

  1. Data sourcing

The selection of your sources of information are primordial, to be the most the reflection of the reality and be sure of the quality of your data. You can choose adequate data in the web (social media for example), in your system of information (CRM, costumers bills etc) and the return from your costumers or your different campaigns.

How to choose your source of data?

You need to pay attention to some points:

  • The time you are studying
  • The geographical zone
  • But pay attention to the seasonality

In France for example you can go to the prefectural business chambers and access data specialised on your activity on different supports. Or you can use ODILE a government service to analyse the number of your concurrent and the population of your target area, by classification. But some of the information are not accessible to everyone but you can buy data from other companies.

  • Internal information

The company can’t only be focused on the external information one of the biggest riches of company is their one CRM with all the data of your consumers, this logical is very pertinent if the company make the effort to make it up-to-date, if not it can be a big headache (experience talking ha-ha)

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