The first step that I have to do it is a “Little tutorial” where you have to pass 8 chapters in which they explain you how to use R and it makes you examples to understand how it is works R studio.

The best thing that you can do it is to follow every example and every chapter while you use the R Studio program because you can learn faster and you can see what you are reading in the website.

The second step it is to do a bar graphic about whatever you want and I choose the goals that Leonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo scored in this season where you can see in the pink bar, which is the bar of Ronaldo, Ronaldo scored fourteen goals and the blue one is the bar of Messi who scored seventeen goals, in the X line I called players and in the line Y I called total_goals and I put a little legend where you can see which colours are from each players.

Then I try RStudio while I watching tutorials of how to try R and makes some types graphics and how to change the name of the X line and Y line I think it is very difficult and you need to spend hours and hours to control this progam because it is another world and if you are not good with the computers like me you will hate it but it is a class work so you have to do it and do the best.

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