The Fu**** Tables of The Ireland’s Population Density Map

My first post about how to make a fusion tables and what I learn about the population of Ireland!!!

How to make a fusion table?
THE FIRST STEP: You have to copy the population numbers that you have in this link: “” and pasted them into Excel, after that you have to check the numbers and the information because there are some wrongs things that you have to correct. Then you have to download a KML file from this link: “”

• THE SECOND STEP: Start making the fusion tables. First of all you have to go to Google Drive and there is an option that is called “fusion tables ” and you click and then a page will appear where you have to load the Excel document and the KML file so now you have two fusion tables.

• THE THIRD STEP: The next thing that you have to do is to merge the two fusion tables so now you are in the population fusion table and you have to go File and then choose the option Merge click on it and then it will appear the KML file that it will called map_lead you choose it then you have a new fusion tables that it is created from the merger between the two files.

• THE LAST STEP: if you want that your map be more clear you can configure the map by click on “Change feature styles”, then on “fill color” you choose “buckets” and you can divide in as many as you want. I decided to divide in 5 buckets and I difference them by five colours purple, blue, yellow, orange and other type of blue.
if you want you can create a Legend where it is appear the ranges that you divided the population so it will appear like this:

What information could be gleamed from the intensity map?
There are three big cities which have a population with many inhabitants that are Dublin (capital), Galway and Cork the reason of this is because Galway and Cork are the one of the biggest cities of Ireland

Dublin because is the capital where you have all the opportunities to have a better life earn more money than if you live in another city where all the big companies there are, the best universities of Ireland Trinity, UCD and the universities of Technology that here in Ireland you can have many opportunities to work in a big technology company.

Cork it is called the little Manhattan where they are many cultural and artistic things and is the second important city of Ireland and the people from there they called themselves “the Revel County” so many people from Ireland go to this places to find job and have a better life than will be have in other cities of Ireland that are smaller and without the opportunities that this three cities have it.
As well as, in my opinion it is very strange that the big three cities are near the sea and far from the centre of the country like in other countries you can see the capital in the centre of the country or near and here in Ireland the cities from the centre have less inhabitants so I suppose that there are bigger than the others because they have ports and since one of the great markets in Irelands is the maritime.

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