Ireland’s Population Density Map

This is my post of the irish density map per county.

To do this interactive map. I have one of the Google functionalities that we have learn to use in the Data Management class, a few weeks ago, the fusion tables. What is a free program where we can merges different information. It is very useful when you want to illustrate your data. By putting it in a mapping.
In this case, I have download this to followings files to my laptop:
• Irish County 2011 Population:

• Irish KMZ Datafile:
The first one was the Irish population per county and the second was the KML file how gives us the position in the map.

After having them in my laptop I have need to put them on my fusion table. And transform some data’s in the population file has the name of “Tipperary” who wasn’t in the document he was divided in 2 sections north and south.

I have after to merge the 2 files. After the merging my maps was completely red, I must refine my data to hierarchise the population by colours I have chosen so nuances of green. Whit the greenest for the most populates counties and the most trans parent for the lest populous ones. To do that I use the buckets outlets and chose buckets of 50000 and 75000 habitants.

These is the population per county
County Total Persons
Carlow 54612
Dublin 1,273,069
Kildare 210,312
Kilkenny 95,419
Laois 80,559
Longford 39000
Louth 122,897
Meath 184,135
Offaly 76,687
Westmeath 86,164
Wexford 145,32
Wicklow 136,64
Clare 117,196
Cork 519,032
Kerry 145,502
Limerick 191,809
Tipperary 158754
Waterford 113,795
Galway 250,653
Leitrim 31,798
Mayo 130,638
Roscommon 64,065
Sligo 65,393
Cavan 73,183
Donegal 161,137
Monaghan 60,483

The result was the map you can see in the top of this post. Ireland has a population of 4,892 thousands habitant. One of the evidences you see first is the unequal repartition of the population. The 3 biggest countries are:
– Dublin 1,273,069 habitants
– Cork 519,032 habitants
– Galway 250.653 habitants
This 3 countries represent almost half of the population of Ireland. And in the other side the middle lands of Ireland are almost “desert”. With a population under 100 000 habitants per county. With for example Leitrim and Longford with respectively 31 thousands and 39 thousands habitants.

Dublin is the biggest county of Ireland as well it is one of the smallest ones, the third to be exact with only 992 square km. the density of the population here is 1300 habitants per Square Km. Where the average is 76 habitants per square km. Dublin is almost ¼ of the population.

Here is the map of the principal road and rail network of all the island.

Dublin as the capital is well deserved by the road and the rail to any other point of the country. Because if watch carefully al the motorways came from Dublin. But if you where in Cork and you want to go to the third biggest city of the country, Galway. You must pass by the secondary’s roads. Or by train because the only main way to go there is by the Western Corridor.
After having view and analysed my integrative map I came to some conclusions:
– The emerald island is not unequally split in the density level. This density come from the activities and the wealth created here. Ireland had attracted a lot of multinationals companies ass Google, PayPal, Accenture. But they go to biggest points of habitants because of the rule of the offer and the demand.
– The network in Ireland is not very adapted of for the repartition of the population if it was better distributed in the population could easily be more equal between the counties.
In the future:
– we could make an analysis of the property market making a point about the availability of habitations. And making a point about the real estate bubble.
– We can also make a demographical point per county and by sexe.
– Or make a GDP per county. Taking in count the particularities of the terciarisation og the market.

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