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In this project we were asked to create heat map outlining population density of every county in Republic of Ireland. It is my first experience working with Google fusion tables and its really good one.  Google Fusion Tables app allows me to create thematic web maps, in which geographic areas are filled in with color or shade according to data values. Thanks to this application I was able to launch my own data out of hiding, combine it with other data on a Web site, collaborate, visualize and share it with world.

mapMy First Map

Geographical data providing the county boundaries in the KMZ data file and Irish County 2011 Population were given to us in our Assessment brief so no research was required there however some data cleansing had to be done in population table which not only contains county information but also divides some counties into South-North and in some cases includes cities breakdown. This is how my cleaned up data set looks like now, copied into excel spredsheet ,ready to be added to Fusion Tables and merged with county boundary geographical KML file (Keyhole Mark-up Language) to create population heat map by county.

ahaNot done yet

To make my new map look even prettier I decided to add another table. Because I have been living in Dublin for more than decade now and during this time had to change my address few times, I’m familiar with rent and house prices in “my city”. Not so much with rest of the Ireland though. So I created another table with 2016 average house prices and average rent prices for each county in republic. All data were gathered from and copied in to my excel table and merged again with existing population map. And here is my final map where it is clearly seen that rent and house prices in Dublin and his commuting counties are the most expensive in Ireland which is really not big surprise but what strikes me the most is that average rent price per month is ranging between 500 and 700 euro in every county , except Dublin and his surrounding counties (Louth, Meath, Wicklow and Kildare) where the rent average is well above 1000 euro.

<iframe width=”500″ height=”300″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”;viz=MAP&amp;h=false&amp;lat=53.330062550152&amp;lng=-8.29716635156251&amp;t=1&amp;z=6&amp;l=col2%3E%3E2&amp;y=2&amp;tmplt=2&amp;hml=KML”></iframe>

What Else Can I do

The possibilities are endless but as a huge sports fan in general it’s no brainer here for me. Next map will be about GAA tittles.

dublinMaybe I’m just jumping on bandwagon because Dublin won their second All-Ireland Football championship tittle in row few days ago and to be honest with you, I do not even fully understand the rules of the game yet, but as fan of every sport where ball is involved and the citizen of  this city I claim that tittle to be mine as well 🙂 Virtually every town and village in Ireland has a GAA club, which plays hurling or gaelic football, or usually both. Each club is affiliated one of the relevant county GAA Boards, of which there are 26 in the Republic of Ireland and 6 in Northen Ireland. With huge respect to Northen Ireland GAA clubs I’m going to leave them out of my table  and count just every senior football and hurling tittle won by county in Republic of Ireland since 1887. In addition to that, another column with number of affiliated GAA clubs in County will be created and again merged  with county boundary geographical KML file. My new heat map looks like this:

<iframe width=”500″ height=”300″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”;viz=MAP&amp;h=false&amp;lat=52.575525241002005&amp;lng=-0.23869467187500382&amp;t=1&amp;z=5&amp;l=col2%3E%3E1&amp;y=2&amp;tmplt=2&amp;hml=KML”></iframe>

GAA Clubs By Numbers

24 — Number of affiliated GAA clubs in Leitrim, the smallest of any county, but just two less than Sligo. Both counties never won single All-Ireland GAA championships

101 — Number of affiliated GAA clubs in  Limerick, which makes them the third highest in the country but with only 9 All-Ireland GAA championships on their name

134– Number of affiliated GAA clubs in Dublin, second highest in the country but still on the 4th place in All-Ireland GAA championships rankings.

259– Number of affiliated GAA clubs in Cork, the highest in the country by far, but still only one less All-Ireland GAA championships than Kerry.

38 — Number of All-Ireland Senior GAA tittles won by Kerry , the highest in the country.

37 — Number of All-Ireland Senior Footbal championships won by Kerry, the highest in the country.

36 –Number of All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship won by Kilkenny, the highest in the country. Only 41 affiliated GAA clubs in county and without single All-Ireland Senior Footbal championship trophy.

Game Over


Google Fusion Tables are a great tool to help ease the process of data management, as well as data analysis.  While Microsoft Excel which i have been using forever for data management  is very useful, and offers a wide range of options for data manipulation, many of the steps needed to create useful tables, and graphs are boring and tiresome to program. Google Fusion Tables makes this entire process much easier. I’ve been aware of Google’s Fusion Tables for a couple of months now, but used to be a little suspicious of them. Sometimes visualization tools may require technical knowledge or are just too expensive.  After this exercise where i finally give it a go i felt much better about it, its very user friendly and free.

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